Berlin Wall revisited - What Neil Young saw in 1982

Panorama "The Wall" (c) Asisi
Neil Young & Crazy Horse are going to open their "Alchemy Europe Tour 2013" at Berlin Waldbühne on June 2nd. It’s Neil Young’s first appearance with Crazy Horse in Berlin since 2001.

Here’s how fans can get their personal “Driftin’ Back” right into the 1980ies when Neil Young played in Berlin - then still devided by the Berlin Wall. Now Fans can see once again what Neil Young saw when he visited the Berlin Wall 30 years ago as the last stop of the Trans Tour. Neil Young's trip to the Wall was documented by Joel Bernstein.

A Rustie Sightseeing Tip

Near the area of the former "Checkpoint Charlie" artist Yadegar Asisi has built a 360 Degree Panorama of the divided Berlin. It's portraying an artistically compacted view of the days of the Cold War on a fictitious autumn day in the 1980’s. Neil Young's visit at the Berlin Wall and his close view into the eastern part behind the iron curtain on October 18, 1982 did also happen on one of those autumn days.

Neil at the Berlin Wall (c) Joel Bernstein
So, just like Neil Young in 1982 visitors of the Panorama now can see the wall, the watchtowers, the border facilities and the people living in the shadow of the BerlinWall. They even can imitate the famous photo showing Neil Young at the Berlin Wall shot by Joel Bernstein in 1982.

Asis's 360 Degree Panorama is far more than a "cheap tourist trap". Since about 2003 Asisi has continually created the world’s largest panoramic pictures. Yadegar Asisi, born in Vienna in 1955 with Persian roots, composes his 360° artworks out of photographs, drawings and paintings. These are created in multiple layers on the computer before being printed on large strips of material, finished and arranged in circular buildings.

(c) Asisi


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